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Permission Requests

However, should your aspirations encompass the utilization of any portion of the Content from this website for commercial, educational, or any other undertakings that extend beyond the bounds of the aforementioned rights, it is of paramount importance that you diligently seek and acquire prior written consent from Maria Kuznetsova. This necessitates adherence to the complexities of German copyright law and regulatory frameworks, requiring the procurement of requisite licences where they are pertinent.

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In a spirit of due accommodation, you, as a user of this website, are granted the privilege of a finite, non-exclusive, and terminable right to access and deploy the Content for your personal and non-commercial endeavours. This includes the authority to download or print portions of the Content for your personal use, contingent upon the proviso that you do not effect any modification or removal of copyright, trademark, credits or other proprietary indications.

Third-Party Content

An additional consideration that merits attention relates to the potential presence of third-party copyrights that pertain to specific segments of the Content hosted on this website. As a conscientious user, it is incumbent upon you to ensure absolute compliance with German copyright law. This compliance entails accurate attribution and adherence to third-party licensing agreements whenever they come into play.


The information and creative works showcased on this website, presented with an overarching intent that is firmly grounded in the realms of artistry, information dissemination, and promotional endeavours, should by no means be misconstrued as a suitable substitute for professional counsel in legal, financial, or technical domains. We maintain an unwavering commitment to striving for precision in the quality and accuracy of the Content, yet it is imperative to acknowledge that we cannot furnish guarantees regarding the thoroughness, precision, reliability, suitability, or availability of the information presented herein.

It is incumbent upon you to recognize that Maria Kuznetsova cannot and will not bear any responsibility for losses or damages that may materialize as a consequence of your interaction with this website or reliance upon the Content contained within. The responsibility for any risks associated with your engagement with this website and its offerings falls squarely upon your shoulders.

Changes to this Notice

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